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Program Coordinator

Kinship Caregiver Program

We currently have the Kinship Caregiver Program. This program was designed to assist children and caregivers. A kinship caregiver may serve as a short or long-term caregiver for relative children. A kinship caregiver can be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or anyone who has an established kin-like bond with the child. The majority of kinship care arrangements are informal, private arrangements between parents and relative caregivers, while other situations involve the child welfare system. This program can assist the caregiver’s with food, clothing, and also utilities.



Providing one on one mentoring sessions to both elementary students as well as middle school students.


Backpack for Buddies

We currently run this program for Montgomery County Schools. We provide weekend meals for students that the school identifies that are food insufficient. We serve 35 students at the elementary school and 25 students at the middle school. We run this program by monthly donations from local churches.


Monthly Food Drives

We currently host a mobile food drive here in Montgomery County at the old high school. Second Harvest food bank out of Savannah, Ga sponsors this event for us and provides us with all of the food. We typically serve anywhere from 250-300 families each month.